Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hanna's Sneak Peek

Hannahpic2Aug2010 (73)  

Hannahpic2Aug2010 (122)

Hannahpic2Aug2010 (125)

More photography fun!

This time with Hanna. . . a blue-eyed brunette entering her senior year in high school.

Hanna wanted some indoor shots. 

This means my bedroom with the bright morning sun. 

Little A was looking on . . . and as the sun kept rising I needed Hanna to move closer to the window.

Eventually, we opened up the windows and I headed outside.

I shot on the left side of the window while Little A played on the right side.


The natural light is so. . .naturally pretty.

Just like Hanna.

HannahpicAug2010 (49)

Hanna, may you look to the light of the Lord as you seek His direction in the exciting years ahead.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Love it! (well, once I got over the fact this was Hannah's SENIOR picture!) I'm wondering if our entire family could fit into your bedroom some day for a picture....sure is gorgeous light in there! :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Once again Heather, awesome pictures.
    You do a GREAT Job!