Saturday, September 4, 2010

Look, there they are!

Labor Day weekend around here means lots of traffic.

But not if you're traveling in the sky!

Longtime friends came by plane to visit.

We kept checkin' the skies and listening to the radio.

First, we heard them. . ."3 miles out".

A few moments later, "Look, there they are!"

We watched them make a smooth landing on this very windy day.




Papa has had a dream of owning his own plane.

His hanger worked perfectly for storing the plane for the weekend.

Bob and Judy are special friends of our family.

My mom grew up with Judy.

In fact she doesn't remember life without her special friend.

They each grew up in Illinois, married their husbands, and ended up in Southern California to raise their families. 

We spent many holidays together with them and their children, Bryan and Kym.

Judy is the "original" Oma (German for grandmother).  Judy became a grandma first and her grandkids called her Oma from the beginning.  My mom always noted what a very special relationship Judy had with her grandchildren.

When my mom became a grandma for the first time, almost thirteen years ago, she decided to be called Oma too.

So that's my story for today.

Special friends.

Special Omas.

Happy Saturday!


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