Saturday, October 9, 2010

new beginnings

October ushers in our fall season and a few new changes.

We say good-bye to the garden.

Just a handful of carrots and lots of potatoes left to be pulled.

 fall2010 (93) 

And a few red peppers which, as I found out this afternoon, are of the VERY HOT variety!!

(Quick, grab the milk, my mouth is burning!!)

 fall2010 (96)


 fall2010 (85) 

I must show you this picture taken at the beginning of August. . .


This is one of SEVERAL buckets of basil which fragrantly descended onto my kitchen

counter the last few months.  Mr. E. loves pesto so we froze the leaves of basil

and I simply take them out of the bag, wash them, place them in the food processor

and add a handful of walnuts, a few cloves of garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil. . .

and waalaa!! fresh pesto is ready to add to cooked pasta. Yum!!


Little A is such a hoot!  She had to find her "glubs" (gloves), just like daddy, before

she could go "work" outside.


A new calendar decorates the wall in our dining/school room.

fall2010 (104)

I ordered this from   A wonderful home school website with

endless resources at very reasonable prices.


The highlight of the past week was our New Beginnings banquet

for our new local pregnancy resource center.

I was part of the banquet committee and truly felt blessed to witness

God's hand in orchestrating such a powerful and exciting evening.


Beautiful flowers, food, and delectable dessert favors graced the tables.

The highlight was hearing personal testimony's from several women who had

been led to seek out a pregnancy center during a time of crisis in their lives.  The

centers serve as so much more than helping both women and men through their

immediate time of crisis.  Many years later, these women are still involved by coming

alongside other women and being a part of the center bible studies.   Many people

in our community will be blessed, in ways that God only knows, by the start of this

new pregnancy resource center in our area.


Happy Saturday!



  1. Hey Mrs E what delightful pictures. As you are finishing your veggie season we are just starting ours here is Aus. My husband and children have just planted all our new crops. Love that basil...YUM! xxx

  2. Ohhhhhh, I'm so glad to see glimpses of the reception since I forgot to bring my camera that evening! Simply beautiful with God's fingerprints all over the place :-)