Friday, October 1, 2010

96 years young

We have a neighbor.

His name is Frank and he’s amazing.

Yesterday Frank had a birthday.

He was born 96 years ago!

He is a WWII veteran; still lives in his own home; he mends his clothes with his

sewing machine; he installed new cabinets in his kitchen; he

shovels snow from his roof in the winter; he makes a deliberate

effort to get exercise every day. . .It is not surprising to

see Frank in the woods chopping wood.


We decided to make Frank a card and bring

some chili, bread, and jam and wish

him a happy birthday.

We knocked on the front door a few times and began to

wonder if he was home.

I decided to check the back yard.

And that is where we found him. . .reading the owner’s manual

in the front seat of his new Ford sedan!

All I need to know is how to open the

door, open the trunk, and start the car. . .none of the other fancy

stuff they have in cars nowadays!”

He was disappointed that his sister and brother were unable to

come for his birthday due to an unexpected illness in the family.

I’m glad we stopped.

God bless you, Frank.



As we continued about our day I couldn’t help but take my camera along

and shoot the beautiful scenery along our mid-west roads.



Happy fall Friday and 1st day of October!



  1. Isn't the color amazing right now?! Enjoy it before it all blows off the trees! :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Now I see what we're missing with the color. It's beautiful. Isn't Frank amazing? I'm sure he loved your visit and treats. Very thoughtful.