Wednesday, September 29, 2010

crafts, cream & color

I had just been thinking. . .

It would be fun to get together with friends and do crafts together.

God blessed me today with a friend who stopped by with

water colors, brushes, and a fun craft idea for the kids!

Little did she know it would be ME to jump at the painting project first!

The kids gathered leaves, we traced them onto water color paper and then

used the water color pencils and paints to re-create the leaf.

I think I was the one who had the most fun!


After the boys had completed their Nerf gun war,

they too enjoyed making their own unique leaf creations!

A few feared failure. . .but "you cannot fail", "there is no wrong way"; We

tried to encouraged them.

And while some were painting, others were rolling.


Yes, rolling the ball to make home made ice cream.

Have you seen this?

It would be a great Christmas gift. 

( I know. . .Christmas presents. . .scary thought, right?)

The Play-Freeze-Cream-Maker is $30 at and makes one quart.


The kids have fun rolling it ( NOT throwing it; we learned the hard way!)

around the yard for thirty minutes and then. . .

D E L I C I O U S home made ice cream!


We are at the peek of our beautiful fall season.  The colors glow in the sunshine.


Little A has made it clear that she is her own stylist.  At 3 years old, she holds

distinct opinions on what she wears each day.  (I think I had it comin', huh Mom?)

Today, she chose a vest which was made for me as a child.

And after the TWO hair cuts she has given herself, I have to wonder. . .

Will she one day be a hairstylist like her Great-Grandma?


Thank you Lord for beautiful, sunshiny, fall days and unexpected blessings you send our way.

Happy Wednesday!


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