Tuesday, December 28, 2010



We arrived home from our holiday travels on Sunday evening.

We were thankful that Lucy had not delivered her kittens while we were gone.

(as were her loving caretakers)

Yesterday afternoon it became evident that “the time” was near.

Her water broke around 3:30 and she was “meowing” quite a bit.

I decided it was best that she stay in her room so that the birthing process did not

make a mess elsewhere in the house.

At 10:15pm Mr. C called for me to quickly come downstairs with the camera!

LucyKittens (40)

During the labor and delivery, Lucy was surprisingly very quiet.

Mr. C sat by Lucy for over three hours, petting her and making sure all went well.

LucyKittens (20)

Of course we had to wake the kids so they could witness the miracle of birth.

LucyKittens (7)

LucyKittens (23)

LucyKittens (2)

Her litter totaled four.

I had guessed three.

As you can see, the fourth born was a snow and the other three are either spotted

or marbled like Chief, the king.  It’s hard to tell so soon.

We have not named them and we don’t know whether they are male or female quite yet.


Today Lucy has been sleeping with the little kitties cuddled up close to her.

Oh, so cute.

And oh sooo little.

Happy Tuesday!


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