Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here are the kids’ latest top three extracurricular activities. . .


Due to the generosity and kindness of a friend, the boys were given and taught how to play the Electronic Banking Monopoly game.  They love it!  It’s the daily school break fun!

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And if they’re not playing Monopoly, they’re sledding outside on the “hill”. . . no matter how cold the temperature. The slope out front provides hours of fun for all.  Yes, even Little A has a blast and now wants to sled “by myself” and bursts into tears when I call them all back inside.

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The boys are always ready to eat!  Especially when they come back inside after playing outside in that cold winter air.  Tonight we had a surprise treat. . . Grandpa’s Apple Slices!  Grandpa made a fresh batch of this special dessert and drove up north for us to eat it together.  This was Great Grandma E’s famous recipe.

Thanks, Grandpa!

Grandpa dessert

That pretty much sums up the kids’ life outside of school and basketball! 

Mom’s extracurricular activities do not include sledding or Monopoly AND I’m trying to cut back on the eating. . . a total of 5 lbs. over the holidays as I decided to step on the scale this week for my moment of truth.  Those pounds sure go on easier than they come off, huh?  My spare time has been spent creating our new website for our Simply Grand Bengals Cattery.  Our hope is to advertise on the cat websites and sell at least three of the four kittens.  I’ve also cleaned and organized  a few drawers in the kitchen and bedroom closets.  Love it!!  What a difference. . .I smile every time I open them.  Now to just keep them this way, right?!

Happy Wednesday,



  1. Oh my, is the whole world going technical-even monopoly? I'll never keep up.

    I love the outdoor pictures. They sure look like they have fun. Such great smiles.

  2. Beautiful post, Heather. I've missed stopping by your blog. Always inspiring and lovely. I've never heard of electronic Monopoly, though. We got electronic Catch Phrase for Christmas and the kids love it. (adults too)
    Your family is so precious.
    Bless you~