Friday, January 7, 2011

kittens-11 days


See how much bigger they are?!

Their eyes opened yesterday at 10 days old.


Little A  says, I want to hold it on my yap.”

Their nails are super sharp!

The white one seems most content being held.

No doubt, all these kittens will be well socialized. . . whether they like it or not!

Names are being tossed around. . . Rudy, Desi, Cheerios, Theo, Trudy.

The kids like to think of names from the TV shows we are watching on DVD.

A nasty cold bug has landed on four of our crew.

So far, Mr. C and I continue to be healthy.

The masks and gloves we wear 24/7 must help!

Just kidding, but every year during flu season I think of doing just that!

Happy Friday!



  1. They are so cute! I'm jealous. Gerrit has basically said we will never own a cat. But I'll live this moment through you. :)

  2. Oh, they are growing quickly, Heather! What fun for your kids :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  3. Such little darlings! Hope your four with the flu recover quickly! xxx