Wednesday, March 23, 2011

top ten


The top ten happenings and trivia from around here. . .

10.  All of Lucy’s kittens have been sold except one brown rosette female which we are keeping.  We are still deciding on a name. Ethel, Samantha, & Star are the current names in the running.

9.  The boys completed another season of basketball and LOVED every minute of it!


Mr. C and J-man played on both the homeschool sports club and the local traveling team.  That’s one sure way to stay in shape, huh?

8.  Our Sonlight science program had us read a few Facts, Figures and Records yesterday from the Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body.

Here are a few interesting ones. . .

Most children born to one woman – A Russian woman named Mrs. Vassilyev, who lived from 1707 to 1782, gave birth to the greatest number of children on record – 69 altogether.  They included 16 sets of twins and seven sets of triplets.  (Could this actually be possible??)

Did you know?

    • It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
    • Babies don’t have fingerprints.  The ridges on your fingers first appear when you are about three months old.
    • Human bone is stronger than concrete or steel.
    • Your mouth releases about three cups of saliva a day.
    • You shed about 40 million dead skin cells every day.  In a lifetime, you’ll shed up to 45 pounds of skin.
    • The human brain can make 20 million billion calculations per second, making it faster than any computer in the world.

The oldest person – There are many claims to the longest lifespan, but the oldest person for whom tere are reliable records was Jeanne Calment from France.  She was born in 1875 and died in 1997, at the age of 122, and she was active throughout her old age.  She was still riding a bicycle at the age of 100, acted in a film at the age of 114, and released a pop record at the age of 121.

7.  Last night we received our annual March snowstorm.  The sun is now shining and the kids are having a blast playing in the new white stuff!

6.  Our children’s program at church had a Derby Race on Monday.  The kids love choosing their design and painting their car while Daddy adds weights and places the axels and wheels “just so” for them to be the speediest cars on the track!


5.  Scrabble is our current game of choice on Daddy’s Droid phone.  It can become a bit addictive!

4.  Little A is still taking swimming lessons.  Notice I did not say “enjoying” swimming lessons.


3.  I later learned that Mr. E’s comment about my new cabbage roll recipe last night . . . “Wow, I haven’t had these in years!” really meant . . .”I never did care for these and you don’t have to make them again for a few years.”

2.  My annual spring cleaning inside and outside of my car this past weekend felt so great.  Wow, it sure does get dirty over the winter months!

1.  My project this week is cleaning out the office which is why I now have a clear pathway to the computer and can do some blogging!  Yeah!!

Happy Wednesday!


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