Wednesday, May 11, 2011


All our kittens were sold and have now gone to their respective homes.

We kept the brown rosette female.

We named her Rose.

I call her Rosie.

We wondered how Lucy and Rosie would get along.

So far, they can be seen cuddling on our bed during the day

or chasing each other around the house in the evening.




We’re training Rosie to NOT jump on the kitchen counters.

She learned that bad habit from her mother who we continue to admonish for such actions.



mother and daughter. . .

I will be seeing my mom and sister this weekend downtown Chicago.

As Little A says. . . We’re going on a trip to the American Dollhouse!” (The American Girl)

We hope to take a mother and daughters picture while we are together.


Speaking of Little A, she had a “first” experience. . .

When I woke up from an afternoon nap,  I asked Mr. C where everyone was?

Walking the streets collecting worms for fishing.

What?  Little A, too??

Since I was hearing thunder, rain was falling,  and lightning was lighting up the sky . .

I flew to the car to drive and rescue the crew.

I find them only a block away, looking at me like. . . what’s the matter, mom?

The trees are shading us from the rain.  We’re not too wet, they explain to me.

As we pull into the garage everyone starts piling out and Little A says,

“I’m soaked!”.  Yet she seems undaunted from the experience.

She never wants to be left out of the fun. . . even worm finding fun!

Happy Wednesday!


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