Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the American dollhouse

Recently cousin Sara turned seven years old.

She and Oma planned a special trip to the American Girl Place

downtown Chicago and invited Little A and I to go along!

Little A was excitedly looking forward to our trip and frequently

asked, “When are we going to the American dollhouse?”

This was our first time to the Disneyworld of Dolls!

It was quite something to see the enormity of a store

selling not only dolls but girl and doll matching clothes,

doll hair salon, doll hospital, a café with special seats

for the dolls, and every doll accessory imaginable. 

Quite a concept which has caught the eye of most every girl in America.


We had a great time.

Little A was “all eyes” from the moment we entered the store.

I loved staying downtown Chicago.

I lived downtown during a semester in college.

I loved it then too.

What a different lifestyle it would be to raise a family

in a city such as Chicago vs. the rural woods of Wisconsin.

I think I could enjoy the Chicago city living. . . but Mr. E would have

none of that and I wouldn’t change him for the world. Smile


The rainy, windy, cold, cloudy weekend didn’t damper our

spirits.  The birthday girl received a rain-check on the carriage ride

with Oma since it was even too nasty outside for the horses. 

Thanks for including us in your special weekend, Sara.

We made fun girl-time memories!

Happy Tuesday,


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