Sunday, December 14, 2008

One of those mornings. . .

It all started with a phone call. . . "Honey, I forgot the camera." It was my dh at church after bringing the kids at 8:10am to prepare for their Christmas program. It was now 8:15, and the program started in 15 minutes. "I can do this", I thought to myself. Ok, get Miss A. out of bed and that red Christmas dress on her, grab a sippy cup and banana (I"ll feed her during the program, right?) , and oh ya. . . find that camera! OK, got the camera (I'll simply hope it has enough battery life left), got Miss A., slip on the winter coats and we're out the door.

Arrive at church 8:32, not bad. Program just started, but why is Mr. C on stage with his coat and hat on? He forgot to take them off??? OK, silly thought, it's part of the skit. Phew! Cause sometimes you never know with Mr. C! Anyway. . . my eyes then glance to Mr. H up on stage and, what?, oh dear, his "fly" is down. And that is not part of the skit! Dh and I look at each other and smile . . . what can you do? The program was classic and all the kids did great. We smiled and waved, took video for posterity and headed to the fellowship hall for cookies and punch.

It would be nice if the kids gravitated toward the not-so-messy cookies, wouldn't it? But noooooo, it's the oooey, gooey, chocolate ones that catch their eye! Now remember it's back up on stage for another song during the service so let's try and keep it together for one last song. he!he! I guess I was dreamin' cause I took one look at Mr. A as he decided to use his pants as a napkin to wipe his ooooey, goooey chocolate hands! Just then, Mr. J walked by and I realized his shirt was on backwards! "Oh well", he said. And as I ran into Mr. H I quietly mentioned that his "fly" was down and he may want to zip it back up. "Oh", he said, "Maybe you could do it mom, cause my hands are all sticky." At this point I'm thinkin' ,"Where is that dh of mine? I think I need a hand." Of course I notice that he's over in the corner enjoying a hot cup of coffee and some adult conversation. How does he do that?!!

At last. . . I sit down in the sanctuary ready to enjoy the worship service during this glorious Christmas season. It was a nice thought anyway. . . but Miss A had other plans. It was nap time and mama's lap wasn't doin' it for her. Idea!. . . Get that bunny out of the car, she loves her bunny, she may even fall asleep in my arms if she has her bunny. But where are the car keys? While searching in my church bag, a beautifully knitted, felted bag made by my mom, I feel that the sippy cup has leaked and now my hands and my beautiful bag are all sticky!! Still can't find the keys, so Mr. Z heads to the car in search of the bunny. Yes! The car door was open and the bunny was found. But noooooo, the bunny does not make Miss A happy this time. I think I should just take her home and let her have a nap. No, we can do this. We really can all be at church at the same time and enjoy the service. I'm dreamin' again! My dh and I both (not sure how that happened) ended up in the library with frequent visits from other members of the family wondering where we were! My apologies to all who were sitting behind us!

At last the final hymn was sung and we're out the door. I chuckle to myself on the way home thinking we should all head to bed and start this day over, or at least I should. And that's exactly what I did. Everyone made themselves a sandwhich, I put Miss A down for her long awaited nap and I crawled into bed (seems to be a theme here, huh?), and enjoyed some peace and quiet while all the boys watched football. Hooray!!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh, Heather, I can just picture it all. I'm laughing all over again. I so wish we could have seen the program. Isn't it great tho, that they didn't see a problem at all? They are so precious.

  2. Heather,

    This is classic!! We've all been there in some form or other, too. :-) The shirt on backwards cracked me, too, b/c we did family pictures on Saturday and our daughter got her shirt dirty beforehand (by using it as a napkin) and, thankfully, it was a solid color turtleneck, so I just turned it around on her. Nobody will every know (except you and me) that in all our family pics this year her shirt is on backward. :-)

    Have a good Christmas, we'll probably see ya'll around New Year's.

  3. Oh Heather. . it does happen to you :) Probably no one else knew this was going on. You remain so relaxed threw it all :) I am still laughing at the thought of it all.
    Wish we could have been there.

  4. Ohmigoodness! How did I miss the drama your family was having! LOLOL! Somedays life is just about survival, isn't it?! :-)

    Tammy ~@~