Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Piano Praise

It's been a process of praying and wondering. . . Lord, do we go down the music lesson path with the kids?
Then one day. . . I was talking with a friend who mentioned how great it is for kids to be exposed to music since churches are always looking for help in music ministry. What a wonderful way to serve and praise the Lord.

But. . . we don't have a piano and purchasing one is a pretty big expense.

And . . . the expense of everyone taking piano lessons?

Then one day. . . we were offered to be given a piano from a generous family from church!

And. . . I heard that a young lady in the area was going to begin giving lessons at a verrry reasonable price and that she would even give the lessons here at our home!

God was definitely opening the door of music appreciation for our children.

Last week we walked through that door as lessons began.

It will be interesting if any of the kids have been blessed with a musical gift.

A gift they may one day use to worship and praise the Lord!

"It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High". . . Ps 92:1

Tuesday Blessings,



  1. My husband and I are both musicians and he'd be the first to say that's it's not so much natural musical gift as the willingness to practice that is what matters. My children will have little choice as to whether they take piano. In fact my son would be glad to tell you how horrible it is that we force to do it. Yet it's so great to hear him sit down and play. Being able to play the piano is a great, great thing. It soothes the soul, it praises the Lord. Not only that but I've been able to supplement our income with my piano playing. And you never hear an adult saying they wished they didn't know how to play the piano. Most say they wished they never would've quit. Good luck with it all!!

  2. I have been giving my children piano lessons, but have slacked off lately. This is such a good reminder for me to get going with that again! It is such a wonderful way to serve the Lord.

  3. We have been pondering the same question. All of my Mom's family plays some type of instruement and have all played at one time in the church. I wish that my mom had "forced" me to keep playing. :D

  4. What a wonderful blessing! Enjoy your new instrument and I hope your children enjoy their lessons!